What is TripSwitch?

TripSwitch is a free and friendly challenge to promote alternative transportation by challenging participants to switch their usual solo car trip for a bike ride, walk or carpool trip.

Here's how it works:

  • Register for TripSwitch starting September 18th.
  • Log your "switched trips" between October 3rd and October 24th.
  • Your entries will automatically be added and updated on the Leaderboard so you can see your standings across all three modes!
  • Log as many trips as you can between October 3rd and 24th to win prizes!

What counts as a trip?

Any one way trip to or from your destination! For example, if you walk to the store and then walk back, that counts as two trips! But remember, "switched trips" are only valid if they are replacing a trip you would ordinarily take driving alone in your car. Please do not enter bike or walk trips that are for exercise or leisure (although we still think you are awesome and applaud those efforts!)

Don't forget you can trip chain! You can drive solo part of your trip, then bike, walk or carpool the remaining miles!

Is this a fair challenge?

We encourage everyone to use the honor system! TransOptions promotes free and friendly competitions that are fun and help better the community. Please be fair when making your entries and do not inflate or exaggerate trips or miles. TransOptions' Challenge Team will be closely monitoring the activity of all participants. Plus, it helps us keep track of just how successful our program is!

Why is TransOptions hosting TripSwitch?

It's simple. We want participants to challenge themselves to do something good for the community, the environment and themselves (Go For Good!) Every time you swap a solo car trip with a shared ride, bike trip, or walk, you are saving money, being healthier, and improving air quality by getting more cars off the road and that is TransOptions' mission!

Who can compete in TripSwitch?

Anyone (ages 18+) who lives or works in TransOptions' service area.

What is the GoForGood app and why should I use it?

  • The GoForGood app is TransOptions’ specialized application for transportation and commuting competitions. It’s used to make participation in our events easy and stress-free

With the app, you can:

  • Track your journey in real time with the touch of  a button
  • Upload your trips and mileage without the hassle of putting it in manually*
  • Interact with and encourage fellow participants with the Hi-Five feature
  • Share photos with us and automatically qualify for the Tripswitch Raffle
  • Keep up to date with the leaderboard, rules, and prizes
  • Download it from Google Play or the App Store!

* Trip must be at least a half mile in order to upload it on GoForGood

 Why do I need to log my miles?

Your miles will be used to determine tie breakers for grand prize winners but they help us track emissions saved, giving us a way to determine the overall impact on air quality.

How often should I log my trips and miles?

We recommend daily, if not at least once a week before Monday.

What else do I need to know?

The rules and prizes! Check out those pages so you can see how and what you can win in TripSwitch! If you have any other questions, contact us!

Does riding the train or bus count?

Riding on the train or bus does not count, but walking, biking or carpooling to or from stations and stops does! Instead of driving, challenge yourself to walk, bike or carpool to transit stops and count that towards TripSwitch.

How can my efforts be recognized besides logging my trips and miles?

TransOptions loves to share and hear from our challenge participants! Take a picture, share a carpool/bike/walk tip, or tell a TripSwitch story and share it with us on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram! Please use the hashtag #SwitchTheTrip