What is the Bike To Work Challenge?

  • TransOptions’ Bike To Work Challenge is a free friendly competition where riders of all levels come together to compete for prizes. Here’s how it works.
  • Register by using our GoForGood app (recommended), which can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store, or sign up at the event website
  • Ride to work and back as much as you can between May 1st and May 31st
  • After your rides, upload your trips and miles on the GoForGood app or log it in manually
  • Your trips will be automatically added to the Leaderboard so you can see where you stand!

 What counts as a Trip?

  • Any commute to or from work that incorporates a bike ride counts as one trip

Some examples are:

  • Riding from your house all the way to work
  • Biking to the train station and taking the train to work
  • Carpooling from work to a Park & Ride, and then biking back home

 Why is TransOptions hosting the Bike To Work Challenge?

  • The goal of this competition is to encourage commuters to use their bikes more often instead of cars. We want participants to challenge themselves to do something good for the community, the environment, and themselves (Go For Good!) Commuting by bike reduces traffic, decreases air pollution, improves health, and saves money.

 Is this a fair competition?

  • We will be closely monitoring the activity of all participants, so we strongly encourage all participants to be honest. The Bike To Work Challenge is a free and friendly competition that’s supposed to be fun and better the community. So please be fair and only track the trips and miles you biked.
  • To prevent dishonesty, participants will have 7 days from the current date to manually record their trips. After the 7th day, the date will be locked out and participants will not be able to record their trip for that date.


 Who can compete in the Bike To Work Challenge?

  • Participants must be 18 year old or over
  • We prefer that participants live or work in TransOptions’s service area (all are welcome though)

 Eligible Municipalities (by County):

  •  Morris, Sussex, and Warren: All Municipalities
  •  Essex: Fairfield, Livingston, Millburn, Roseland, West Caldwell, Short Hills
  •  Union: Berkeley Heights, Murray Hill, New Providence, Summit
  • Passaic: Bloomingdale, Little Falls, Pompton Lakes, Ringwood, Totowa, Wanaque, Wayne, West Milford, Woodland Park

 How do I sign up?

  • Register for the Bike To Work Challenge by either using the GoForGood app or the event website
  • All you need to do is fill out your name, e-mail address, home zip code, work zip code, and create a password (phone number is optional)
  • If you are creating a team, go to Create Team and make a team name
  • You can make your team Public (anybody can join) or Private (only those with the private invite link can join)

 What is the GoForGood app and why should I use it?

  • The GoForGood app is TransOptions’ specialized application for transportation and commuting competitions. It’s used to make participation in our events easy and stress-free

With the app you can:

  • Track your journey in real time with the touch of  a button
  • Upload your trips and mileage without the hassle of putting it in manually*
  • Interact with and encourage fellow participants with the Hi-Five feature
  • Share photos with us and win prizes in our Bike To Work “Roll” Model Challenge
  • Keep up to date with the leaderboard, rules, and prizes
  • Download it from Google Play or the App Store!

* Trip must be at least a half mile in order to upload it on GoForGood

 How do I use the GoForGood app?

 How do I keep track of my trips and mileage?

  • To keep track of your trips and mileage, use the GoForGood app. As long as the trip is at least a half-mile, the app will automatically record your trips and mileage. Just remember to select Start Trip and End Trip
  • You can also manually input the data online
  • Please remember to do log your trips daily or at least before the weekly deadlines
  • If you miss the weekly deadline, still enter your trips and mileage! You’re still eligible for numerous prizes!
  • All entries must be submitted by May 31st!

 How many trips can I log in a day?

  • You can log up to two trips per day: One trip to work and one trip back home.

 I live far away and can’t ride the entire commute. How can I still participate?

  • Remember you don’t need to ride your entire commute for it to count as a trip! All you have to do is incorporate part of your commute with a bike ride in order for it to count.

 How do I log my bike miles if I’m using other forms of transit during my commute?

  • If you are using other forms of transit during your commute, such as car, bus, train, or carpool, only record the miles you biked. So if you biked 5 miles and took the train for 25 miles, your trip counts for 5 miles.
  • If you are using the GoForGood app to record your trips, please remember to select End Trip when you stop riding

 How do I start a Team?

  • To start a team, go to  Create Team and type your team’s name under Team Name
  • You can make your team Public (anybody can join) or Private (only those with the private invite link can join)

How do I join a team?

  • In order join a team, click on the drop-down arrow under Join a Team and search for your team
  • You are allowed to join a team after the even has started
  • If your team is listed as private, the team name will not be listed under Join a Team. You must get a private invite link from the Team Leader.

 What if my company has more than 5 employees that want to make a team?

  • If your company has more than 5 employees who want to make a team, split the group up and make multiple teams! You can make as many teams as you want, as long as it has 3 to 5 people
  • Be aware that if your company has more than 1 team,  these teams are now competing against one another

 Can I make a team if I have less than three people?

  • If you have less than three people, you can still make a team, but you will not be eligible for the Team Prize. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of awards to contend for!

 Am I eligible to compete in the Rookie Rider Challenge if it’s not my first year in the Bike To Work Challenge?

  • If it’s not your first year in the Bike To Work Challenge, you can compete in the Rookie Riders Challenge only if you never logged a trip in previous years of the challenge.

 What else do I need to know?