1st Trip

  • All registrants who log a trip will automatically win the 1st Trip award. Make sure you participate to find out what you win!


Weekly Winners

  • Participants will have the opportunity to win one of our weekly raffle prizes. Raffle winners will receive a gift package with a value of up to $100
  • In order to qualify for a weekly raffle, you must enter at least one trip during the week. The more trips you take, the higher your chances are of winning!
  • All entries for the week must be submitted by the following Tuesday at noon. Winners will be announced on Wednesdays.
  • Make sure you use our GoForGood app so you don’t miss the weekly deadlines! It automatically uploads trips that are at least a half mile or longer!
  • Week 1: Monday, May 1st  to Sunday, May 7th   (Deadline: May 9th, noon)
  • Week 2: Monday, May 8th to Sunday, May 14th  (Deadline: May 16th, noon)
  • Week 3: Monday, May 15th to Sunday, May 21st  (Deadline: May 23rd, noon)
  • Week 4: Monday, May 22nd to Sunday, May 28th (Deadline: May 30th, noon)


* Weekly prizes are subject to change based on availability

Participants can’t win more than one weekly prize


Trip Master

  • A $500 gift card will be awarded to the challenger with the most trips


 Miles Master

  • A $300 gift card will go out to the participant who biked the most miles


Team Prize

  • Teams must consist of 3-5 Participants.
  • The team with the highest average number of trips per rider wins the Team Prize
  • The winning team will be awarded a plaque and each member will receive a $50 gift card


Resolute Riders

  • Challengers who finish in the Top 10 with most trips will receive a Resolute Rider Trophy


Trip Master and Miles Master are ineligible to win award


This year, there are two brand new categories in the Bike To Work Challenge!!!

 Rookie Riders

  • The Rookie Riders Challenge is a separate event for first year participants only!
  • To be considered a “First Year Participant”, you must have never logged a trip in our Bike To Work Challenge
  • The first year challenger that logs the most trips or bikes the most miles will receive a Rookie Rider Trophy and a $20 gift card.


*  Trip Master and Miles Master are ineligible to win award


 Top “Roll” Model Challenge

  • Take part in our inaugural Top “Roll” Model competition and win even more prizes by sharing your Bike To Work journey with us. For more information about the Top “Roll” Model challenge, click here!


* Photos must be submitted via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the #TOBiketoWork